Two ways to calculate your Facebook CPM


Your ads’ effectiveness is heavily influenced by their (Cost Per 1,000 Impressions). An
unprofitable campaign can turn profitable if the CPM drops, and a successful campaign can
fail if the CPM rises.
You shouldn’t worry too much about controlling CPM, despite its significance. You shouldn’t
worry yourself silly over the countless factors that contribute to this price’s volatility.
Nonetheless, many people are curious about the behavior of global CPMs over the winter
holidays. CPM increases are predicted as competition grows. Even though that boost hasn’t
been a sure thing so far this year, it’s still worth keeping an eye on.
Although you may not be able to change CPM directly, it is still important to monitor it
because of the effect it has on your results. Here are a couple methods for keeping tabs on
your CPM and your CPA (Cost Per Action) in Facebook ads.

Ad performance insights can be gleaned from a breakdown of data, whether it be time,
delivery, action, or dynamic creative element.
Using the Breakdown function is a simple way to track your CPM. The time period can be
broken down into days, weeks, or even months.
Doing so will give you an idea of whether or not your CPM is rising. If that’s the case, you
can figure out if the higher CPA is a result of that or not.

While few marketers make use of them, charts can be a useful tool here. Once an ad set has
been chosen
Ads on Facebook are managed in groups known as ad sets, within which decisions about
things like targeting, scheduling, optimization, and placement are made.
Ads Manager’s “Charts” tab can be accessed by clicking the button labeled “More Info.”
In the upper right, select “Customize Metrics.”
Only three metrics can be selected at once, so you’ll need to uncheck a metric to include
CPM. Once you find the time period you’re interested in, select it to see a chart of its
The CPA can be viewed to see if that metric, too, is increasing over time.

How to calculate the CPM for Facebook Ads?
The price per thousand impressions has skyrocketed over the past two years on all
channels. Skai, for one, noted a 41% rise in CPM compared to the corresponding period in

Facebook’s price increases were comparable. Here’s how to figure out your cost per
Facebook considers both the cost and reach of your advertising campaign. The calculation is
straight forward: just multiply 1000 by your total ad spend (as a percentage of impressions).
If you spend $75 on an ad campaign and it generates 10,000 impressions, your cost per
mille (CPM) will be $7.50

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