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The results improve when you make compelling calls to action. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the success of your website depends on your ability to create compelling calls to action. However, coming up with the perfect CTA isn’t always simple. A gentle prod in the right direction is just what the doctor ordered sometimes. Try these tried-and-true call-to-action (CTA) formulas if you’re tired of “click now” CTAs that fail to convert.

1) Try it free for [TIME]
Using the word “try” is a very passive approach. It entails minimal danger. This makes it a potentially powerful strategy, especially for digital goods like apps and games.
The call to action is common in software as a service offerings.
2) Get started now
A call to action couldn’t be more straightforward or brief than this. This is an excellent option if your CTA button is small but you still want to make an impression.
A user can get started on a signup process, a download, or something similar. The rest of your CTA should provide background information so the user understands what they’re getting into.
3) Order your [PRODUCT] today
Today is synonymous with “now.” Remember that the promise of instant gratification is a selling point for almost any call to action. If you make a promise today, it has a much better chance of being fulfilled.

4) Learn more
The standard CTA is succinct and to the point. One of the most fundamental desires of users is satisfied by this feature: the need to know.
If your product is educational in nature or if your sales funnel consists of several steps designed to educate customers before asking for the sale, a “learn more” CTA may be appropriate.

5) Join for free [TRIAL, MEMBERSHIP, ETC.]
Not quite as powerful as the instant rewards promised by the other CTAs, but still an excellent strategy.
All the force of the CTA can be summed up in one word: free.

6) Start your free trial now
Adding the word “now” to the previous CTA adds excitement to the call to action.
For SaaS businesses that offer demos, this is an excellent choice.
The “start…now” strategy is my favorite because it satisfies my need for immediate
gratification. Although “join for a free trial” is effective, it is much less specific. A time lag could be implied by the phrase “sign up.”

7) Send me the [SERVICE/PRODUCT] asap
I want you to focus on the word “me.” I, me, and my are examples of first-person CTAs. They are effective because the user can identify with the idea.
For the most part, this CTA is written in the first person and features an element of
immediacy. “ASAP” reinforces this concept.

8) Get [BENEFIT of SERVICE] today only
The urgency of the “today only” clause in this CTA makes it particularly effective. Using that phrase makes the consumer worry that there won’t be enough of the good to go around.
Don’t downplay service’s importance. People are more likely to buy your product if you highlight the positive impact it can have in their lives.

9) Get your free [THING]
This concise call to action makes excellent use of the word “free.” Offering a free ebook, webinar, trial, or some other benefit that encourages users to convert is essential.

10) Subscribe now
It’s been done before, but it still works.
Some of the best CTAs are just like that — short, sweet, and to the point. It’s not necessary to use a lot of words to motivate the user to take action.
More convincing work should have been done in the supporting copy than in the call to action button. Now that you’ve set the scene, you can send the user off in any direction with a simple two-word call to action.

11) See how it works
A strategy based on discovery has the potential to yield excellent results. Curiosity is stoked, and the inherent risk of calls-to-action like “buy” or “subscribe” is greatly diminished, thanks to this term. This CTA works best for SaaS.

12) Talk to us
Contrast this with “contact us”; it’s a little more compelling.

Marketing Pro tip:
Finding the best CTA does not require blindly trying everything here. The answer is to repeatedly try out various call-to-actions (CTAs) to see which ones have the greatest effect on conversion rates.

In terms of driving conversions, calls to action are crucial. Ineffective calls to action (CTAs) will have a negative impact on your conversion rates. Select one or two to try and see how they affect your conversion rates.

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